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An assessment for professionals in all stages of their career.

Add a session with a coach who will guide you through your assessment to help you implement what you learn from your profile.

    If coaching price is not listed, we will call you to discuss. 

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DiSC Workplace is a research-validated, 20-page workplace-specific online assessment that helps learners explore their priorities that drive them and identifies strategies for increasing their effectiveness in working with other DiSC styles.

Individuals will learn to appreciate the different priorities, preferences, and values each individual brings to the workplace, and how they can learn to adapt to the style of others.

Appropriate and effective for professionals in all stages of their career.

DiSC Workplace Profile

  • Perfect introduction for those who are new to the DiSC model
  • Take this assessment to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication
  • Works for individuals at all stages in their career

When taking the DiSC Workplace assessment, you will:

  • Recognize the priorities, motivators, and stress triggers that shape your workplace experience
  • Discover your DiSC® style
  • Understand other styles
  • Build more effective relationships

Assessment length:

  • 10-15 minutes

What you will get:

A comprehensive, personalized report that will help you understand your own DiSC style, and how it relates to other DiSC styles.  The report will include recommended strategies for more effectively communicating and influencing others.


DiSC Coaching Options

DiSC Strategy coaches will help you identify the most relevant and compelling components of your DiSC profile and answer any questions you may have.

  • Individual telephonic 45-minute coaching session
    You will receive a 45-minute telephonic session with a DiSC Strategy coach.
  • Individual in-person 60-90 minute* coaching session
    You will receive a 60-90 minute in-person session with a DiSC Strategy coach.
  • Group assessment with workshop
    Details will be customized for each individual and team.

*Limitations apply

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