Have you ever wondered why you just can’t seem to influence or connect with someone on your team – a peer, a boss, a subordinate? 

DiSC assessment profile products with optional expert coaches will allow you to build the team that will take your company to the next level.

How often have you attempted team building activities to help your team work better together, only to have the positive experience of the day vanish when everyone is back in the office worried about their day to day work. This is why companies choose DiSC Assessment. In a nutshell, DiSC assessment tools provide outstanding personal insights, are simple to understand, and focus on the application rather than simply interesting concepts.


“My experience with Sally Tassani has opened my eyes to many behaviors and tendencies within my team and myself that have gone by for years without being addressed or harnessed.” Joseph DiSalvo


I’ve yet to come across anyone who reviewed their DiSC assessment profile and/or participate in a workshop who didn’t say “this is me,” and “wow, now I see why my colleagues do what they do.” The ability to capture the essence of why a relationship may not be working perfectly and specific actions for making a change is what sets DiSC assessment apart from other tools.

The business realities of today demand that we make the most of all employees.  It’s too expensive and inefficient to continually hire new employees to either “work around” problems or to replace employees who leave. Retention, development, and engagement of employees are critical, and DiSC assessments are a key lever to building the necessary foundation.

Learn your communication style and improve teamwork today. Build the team that will take your company to the next level with our DiSC products and coaching.

Choose your assessment now.


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